National French Toast Day

Yes, don’t ask me who came up with that but look it up on Google and you will find:

Google - National French Toast Day 2013

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t think this amazing dish, which can be so beautifully accessorized with anything from butter and syrup to whipped cream and fruits, deserves to be celebrated. But a National Day? Really?

What do we know about it anyway? It has different names (French Toast, ameritte etc.), almost every person you asked has their own (and of course best-in-the-world) recipe and it’s origin is … well, let’s say unclear. One blog states that it is a medieval creation for either the rich or the poor, another dates it back to the Romans and the name only comes from chef French…

The fact that remains (and really the only one that counts) is: it is DE-LI-CIOUS. Additionally, with dipping in a milk-and-egg mix and fry it, French Toast remains one of the easiest recipes to whip up, may it be for breakfast, brunch or as dinner dessert. So therefore, enjoy and happy National French Toast Day!

French Toast 2013