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Not every owner of a cafe, restaurant or fast food joint is just thinking about making money. For the following people opening and running a food business is just as much about being financially successful as it is about giving back to the community – truly inspirational foodies.

Bettr Barista Coffee Academy

Bettr Barista Coffee Academy

You might have seen it recently on CNN. A spot. It looks like a commercial but it is not. A lady is introducing her Singaporean coffee company, Bettr Barista Coffee Academy. As the name suggests it is much more than just one more coffee shop among the Starbucks, Costas and Neros of this world. Pamela Chng is the founder of Bettr Barista and while providing excellent coffee, either in her shop, from a cart in your office or at events, she is also making sure that the often times disadvantaged and underprivileged ladies working for her are being trained in:

  1. Barista skills
  2. Life/emotional management
  3. Physical training (including self-defense and yoga

Just as the saying goes “Give a person a fish and he has food for a day. Teach him to fish and he has food all his life” those women don’t get donations to help them provide for a day but an opportunity to improve themselves and their chance in society … for the rest of their lives.

More about Bettr Barista you can find here:


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