Eat it or…

Yes, I know. For most of us foodies it would be unthinkable! to do anything with a nice ripe piece of fruit than eat it. Perhaps after dipping it in chocolate…

But there is a lot more you can do with food. From beauty regiments to cleaning your home. The advantages: you usually have the ingredients in your fridge (or can easily get your hands on it), you know what’s in it and therefore know it’s pretty harmless, and, well, it’s yummy…


There are two great food items that can help you with just about every problem you may possibly have: dull hair or silver items, dirty windows or laundry, clogged drains and many more.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda – A fantastic and multipurpose product. For the best ideas click here

Vinegar – I know, not everybody will be excited by the idea of drinking it. But there is more you can uses it for (see here)


smooth shiny hair

Also, there are about 2 mio recipes and suggestions on food item based hair masks.

Two tips though, no matter which ever hair mask you choose:Personally, at some point I didn’t know anymore what I have to mix together in what way to get which result… Therefore, here my DIY Hair Mask Summary as overview.

  • make sure to use a blender/food processor or similar to make sure you don’t have any banana or avocado chunks – it will take you AGES to get them out
  • try it out, add a little bit of this, leave something out etc. It’s food, you can hardly wrong…

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