Chocolat (2000)Chocolat

There is hardly any better way of making a movie a ‘foodie movie’ than by calling it Chocolat. A classic when it comes to portraying this most basic of all food groups.

With a stunning cast, among which world stars like Judi Dench, Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, Chocolat leads the audience into a small sleepy village in France. Here the arrival of a young woman and her daughter gets viewed skeptically already. When however, she dares to open a chocolaterie during Lent she is making herself more than just a few critics. And it doesn’t stop there when a ship of “pirates” is anchoring close by and everybody in town has to take a stand, pro or con…

A beautiful movie with pictures that will make your mouth water…

Chocolat 4 Chocolat 3-1 Chocolat 5


It’s Complicated (2009)

Yes, I know. There are movies out there which are much more obvious foodie movies BUT… well, where to start? Have you seen the movie??? Food everywhere and, I have to say, I love those sets!!!

The movie revolves around a divorced power woman (the amazing Meryl Streep) who’s torn between (1) the sentimental thought of returning to her ex-husband (Alec Baldwin), who has however re-married, or (2) starting something new with her sweet’n’funny architect (Steve Martin). A family re-union with her 3 kids and a passionate night with her ex is not doing anything to clarify the situation…

As mentioned, while the story and actors make this a hilarious movie to watch, for foodies it is ‘eye candy’ thanks to Meryl’s character’s  fabulous open plan kitchen, her bakery-cum-store and her passion for cooking.

it's complicated - kitchen 3it's complicated - kitchen 4

it's complicated - shop


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