Welcome to Foodies’ Fun. You are a foodie? Then you are right here!


For as long I can think food has played an important role in my life, starting right up from childhood. If it was the daily meal or a feast on special occasions, food was prepared with love and the family’s get-togethers cherished. Also a reason why my parents’ last apartment got a dining room instead of a living room… I started to live in other countries (Netherlands, England, Switzerland and Dubai) and now I am in Mumbai, India, about to marry a Chinese-Indian (I am from Germany) and I can tell you: everywhere food plays a central role in a nation’s culture, food brings people together, helps them bridge differences, no matter if we are talking about a couple that got in a fight or people of different religions or ethnically background – get them together on a table, let them enjoy a lovely dinner and all is well. I think food deserves the Nobel Peace Prize!

I LOVE food, in every shape, form and way it comes. We foodies constitute a group suffering from the same addiction: everything that’s sweet, sour or savory, hot or cold, baked, boiled or braised. Many of us write fantastic blogs on the recipe tried last night or the restaurant visited on the weekend. I envy you… My cooking skills are limited and I only dare to get them out when nobody has to suffer the consequences. I also enjoy going out for dinner tremendously but my pictures either don’t do the food and it’s environment any justice or … well, I remember the picture taking once it’s too late and all that’s left of my mouth watering apple pie is a few vanilla sauce soaked crumbles…

That’s why this blog won’t be much about cooking, recipes or restaurants. Instead I want to share my passion for everything else AROUND food. And there is plenty!!! Books, movies, outstanding companies etc. etc.

So have fun looking around and let me know what you think.


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